Vulcanizable Rubber Labels

LANXESS has been producing vulcanizable rubber labels for more than 50 years. These custom labels are an effective and economical way to stimulate initial purchases of your product and boost sales volume.

LANXESS rubber labels identify your product at point of sale and while in use. Traditional paper labels wear out, but our rubber labels mark your product for the life of the product.

Our vulcanizable rubber labels are made from high-grade natural rubbers, as well as synthetic rubbers including neoprene, EPDM, nitrile and SBR rubbers. We will cut the labels to your design specifications. Our labels are available in any shape and any size – from 3/8” dots that can be used by tire retreaders to 12 1/2” x 25” labels for dunnage bags and other goods.

For your convenience, LANXESS rubber labels are offered in three states: uncured, or – for easy application to rubber surfaces – semi-cured. Semi-cured labels may be made with or without a special tacky backing. (Please see Rubber Labels tab for a chart showing the different types of label backing we provide.)

Thickness or gauge tolerance of the labels runs between .010 and .030 inches, depending on the application.

Our rubber labels are used in many applications, including floor mats, gloves, electrical products, shoes and hoses. In addition to brand identification, the labels can also be used for color coding, price classification, or to show production dates, product guarantees or special instructions.

Rubber Labels for PPE

We supply vulcanizable rubber labels for personal protective equipment such as rubber gloves and rubber boots or other rubber gear.

Rubber Labels for Mats

We supply vulcanizable rubber labels for floor mats, yoga mats, car mats and other rubber mats. Our rubber labels may be attached to the border, back or corner of your mats.

Rubber Labels for Industry

We supply vulcanizable rubber labels for tires, hoses, electrical piping and other industrial uses.

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