Rubber Labels

We supply different types of rubber label along with different types of backing for ease of application.



Method of Affixing Rubber Label to Your Product

All of our labels are vulcanizable, and this is the recommended method of affixing our labels to your products. However, some of our customers use special glues or other methods to affix labels with great success.

A Short History of LANXESS’s Rubber Labels Business

The history of the LANXESS rubber labels business is a rich one that spans many decades. It all began when the United States Rubber Company was founded in Naugatuck, Connecticut in 1892. It was one of the original 12 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and became Uniroyal Inc. in 1961.

Figure 1-Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Company & Downtown Naugatuck (c. 1890)

The Litchfield Rubber Co. moved to Naugatuck, Connecticut in 1847, and the name was changed to Goodyear's India Rubber Glove Mfg. Co., as it began to manufacture rubber gloves for telegraph linemen. It was the only company in which Charles Goodyear, inventor of the rubber vulcanization process, is known to have owned stock. By 1892, there were many rubber manufacturing companies in Naugatuck, as well as elsewhere in Connecticut. Nine companies consolidated their operations in Naugatuck to become the United States Rubber Company. From 1892 to 1913, the rubber footwear divisions of U.S. Rubber Company were manufacturing their products under 30 different brand names, including the Wales-Goodyear Shoe Co. The company consolidated these brands under one name – Keds – in 1916, and were first mass-marketed as canvas-top "sneakers" in 1917. These were the first sneakers.

Incidentally, the U.S. Rubber Company had initially released their design to the public under the name of Peds, inspired by the Latin word meaning “foot”. The style sold, but mostly to a mature audience. U.S. Rubber swapped the "P" for a "K" and a brand was born. In the 50’s, 37,000 types of shoes were produced all over the world. Rubber Labels were made for these sneakers and, most likely, for tires and gloves throughout these years. In the 1950’s the labels operations moved to Gastonia, North Carolina. At the time, there was also an embossing labels operation at the Gastonia site though this was shut down in the 1990’s.

U.S. Rubber underwent many name changes through the years. The most well known name – Uniroyal Inc – was, unsurprisingly, the longest lived. In 2005, Uniroyal Inc merged with Great Lakes Chemicals and the company became LANXESS.

Our experience in the manufacture of vulcanizable rubber labels is unparalleled. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only manufacturers of vulcanizable rubber labels in North America.