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Our bespoke vulcanizable rubber labeling solutions are used across a wide range of industry sectors in the USA and across the globe. We use high-grade natural rubbers and synthetic rubbers including neoprene, EPDM, nitrile and SBR for labels that will last for lifetime of the product they are applied to.  

Rubber labels for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We are a leading global supplier of rubber labels for electrical PPE applications such as gloves, sleeves, insulating blankets, boots and mats. Our customers include PPE manufacturers, electric utilitie and electrical testing laboratories. Whether our customers require ASTM, test date, product certification, article identification, logo, barcode, QR code or RFID labels, we can offer fast, responsive services using your design and material specifications. Our labels can be applied at the time of manufacturing or post-cure.

Rubber labels for tires

We offer tailored labelling solutions for the commercial, industrial and retread tire markets. Labeling needs in tire applications are broad, from purely aesthetic such as sidewall graphics, to functional such as wear indicators, compound identification (long tread life versus carrying capacity) retread date and warranty and the emerging field of RFID, Barcode/QR code labels. Rubber Labels USA covers the entire range of label Our labels are proven to withstand the temperatures and pressures associated with the tire manufacturing and can be applied during production or post cure. Our labels are printed with specialized inks offering a high graphic quality and print and background colors can be customized as required.

Rubber labels for industrial rubber products

Industrial Rubber Products such as expansion joints, valves, hoses, industrial belts, seals, gaskets anti-vibration parts, gaskets, support critical infrastructure, power utilities, water, chemical processing, pulp and paper processing, mining and mineral processing. As such they rely on Rubber Labels USA labels to convey important product information such as product specification, product type, performance rating, rubber composition, flow direction etc. in addition to company branding and identification. Our vulcanizable rubber labels are the only labels that can withstand the harsh environments under which these products operate. In addition, Rubber Labels USA is actively engaged in developing next generation intelligent labels to support the Industry 4.0 revolution in the rubber industry. Find out more about our vision to create labels with greater connectivity and integrated technologies that will reshape the future of rubber labeling communication.

Rubber labels for mats

Rubber Labels USA is supplying side, corner, and backside rubber labels to all major mat manufacturers in the USA and abroad. Make your brand stand out from the crowd with our custom vulcanizable labels in any size, shape or color for waterhog and entrance mats, carpets, yoga mats or car mats.

Rubber labels for consumer products

Customerized rubber labels are the perfect way to add your brand or product logo to a whole range of rubber products in consumer markets, including food contact and potable water applications.


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