Rubber Labels USA
Serving the Global Rubber Industry for Over 100 Years

Innovative Labeling Solutions

Rubber Labels USA is a fully integrated company that operates at the intersection of rubber, printing and technology. We compound, calender, print, cut and package our labels to our customer specification. We have been providing customizable, vulcanizable labeling solutions to our customers around the world for more than a century.


We are a leading global supplier of rubber labels for a wide range of applications, including electrical personal protective equipment, tire, matting, hose, belting and other industrial and consumer markets.


We offer pre- and post-cure high-performance labels in a variety of elastomer types and colors. Our high-quality printing options can be tailored to your needs. For traceability and integrated communication technologies, we offer labels with barcodes/QR Codes, NFC/RFID tags and more. 

Beyond Rubber Labels

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Compounding &

We specialize in small batch, high-quality rubber compounding services for both natural rubber and a variety of synthetic elastomers.


We print on various flexible substrates utilizing custom solvent inks. Our inks are specially formulated to bond to the substrates and maintain elongation, chemical and abrasion resistance. No matter the product they’re applied to, they will last a lifetime.


Technology is a significant field of development at Rubber Labels, including such areas as dynamic information, wireless communication, thin film sensing technologies and more.

Vertically Integrated, Highly Customizable. Explore All That We Can Offer.


We print on flexible substrates utilizing custom solvent inks.
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Utilizing a metal die, we customize labels to a specific and desired shape.
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Laser Cutting,
& Engraving

Our laser cutter and engraver allow us to customize the shape of any rubber sheet.
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