Our Origins, Our Mission

Honoring Our Heritage

How It All Started

Rubber Labels has been part of the rubber industry in the U.S. from its beginnings, when the Litchfield Rubber Company moved to Naugatuck, Connecticut in 1847. As part of the consolidated United States Rubber Company, the Rubber Labels division was initially created to make rubber labels for Keds canvas top sneakers, tires and gloves.


The United States Rubber Company changed its name many times throughout the years. The most well-known is Uniroyal Inc., named in 1961. In 2017, Lanxess acquired Chemtura, a Uniroyal heritage company, along with the Rubber Labels operation. 

Where We Are Today

In 2019, Robert Vero and his spouse Christine Schwartz, acquired the Rubber Labels division from Lanxess and brought it back to Connecticut, close to its original location in the Naugatuck Valley. Today, Rubber Labels USA, LLC is family-owned and operated.


“I invested in this historic company not just because of what it is, but what it can be. My vision of the future for Rubber Labels USA is to be able to provide cutting-edge, smart and intelligent rubber label technology for the global rubber industry. We are already evolving and have several innovative projects in development that will transform the communication integration and information technology abilities of the rubber product.” -Robert Vero, CEO


Our mission has always remained the same: to evolve our labels into smart, interconnected devices that add functionality to the Industry 4.0 revolution. 

We are committed to evolving our labels using interconnected technologies to make them smarter as a platform for the IIoT.

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