Rubber Labels

Our vulcanizable rubber labels are made from high-grade natural rubbers, as well as synthetic rubbers including neoprene, EPDM, nitrile and SBR rubbers. While traditional paper labels wear out, once vulcanized, our rubber labes will last the life of the product on which they are attached.

We will cut the labels to your design specifications. Our labels are available in any shape and any size – from 3/8” dots that can be used by tire retreaders to 12 1/2” x 25” labels for dunnage bags and other goods.

For your convenience, the rubber labels are offered either uncured, or – for easy application to rubber surfaces – semi-cured. Semi-cured labels may be made with or without a special tacky backing.

Thickness or gauge tolerance of the labels runs between .010 and .030 inches, depending on the application.