More Than Just Labels

We Offer a Range of Complementary Services


Rubber Labels USA specializes in small batch, high-quality rubber compounding services, working with both natural rubber and an array of synthetic elastomers. We supply standard and customized colors to meet our customers’ requirements. We are committed to formulating our compounds to provide customer’s industry-specific needs. Our unique calendering capabilities focus on thin-gauge, high-precision rubber sheeting. 


We print on flexible substrates utilizing custom solvent inks. Our inks chemically bond to the substrates and maintain elongation, chemical and abrasion resistance and are expected to last the lifetime of the product they are applied to. The printing process has the ability to combine static graphical information, such as logos, with dynamic information, like serial barcodes and QR codes. 


After it’s been cured, bonding anything to rubber is extremely difficult. Our competitive differentiation is our labels’ ability to co-vulcanize and chemically adhere to rubber, becoming an integral part of the rubber substrate. The rubber labels can serve as platforms for seamlessly integrating communication technologies to enable our customers’ increased cradle-to-grave control over their supply chains, provide predictive and preventive maintenance service and improve the end-user experience through infield information on installation procedures, technical data sheets and warranties. 

Technology is a significant area of development for our company, especially dynamic information, wireless communication, thin-film sensing technologies, thin-film printed battery technology and thermal management. We welcome development partners, end users and anyone who would like to explore new ways to utilize our rubber labels and technology.